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Evergreen Desi Member Showcase presents

Mrs. Sreelatha Musukula, Realtor, Century 21 Alpha.

We proudly introduce long-time Evergreen Desi and realtor, Sreelatha Musukula of Century 21 Alpha.

Mrs. Musukula is the Gold Sponsor for the Ist Annual Evergreen Desi Diwali Party 2005 to be held at the Mt. Hamilton Grange Hall on Nov. 11, 2005. We thank her for her generous support.

Sreelatha Musukula is a realtor associated with Century 21 Alpha.

Sreelatha has a proven record of delivering results in a competitive environment using her unique marketing skills and strategic expertise.

She has the distinction of executing several real estate transactions in different sections of the Bay Area in a relatively short period of time.

Sreelatha offers her realestate clients full fledged service that goes beyond the basic real estate transaction. For instance, she assists clients with the financial, relocation, and home improvement activities that accompany any real estate deal if they require it.

Evergreen Desi Buzz met Sreelatha Musukula at her Evergreen area residence recently.

What is unique or valuable about the services you offer to your clients?

I take pride in maintaining one-on-one and open communication with my clients throughout the entire transaction. I maintain absolute transparency. My clients never have to wonder about the status of their offer or whether they have received any bids on the property they have put up for sale.

I offer my clients flexible, personalized, and results-oriented services that suit their lifestyle and needs. For instance, if they happen to be of South Asian origin, then I am sensitive to their unique needs.

I am trustworthy, professional, and friendly. My clients know they need not hesitate to contact me at any time regarding a question or concern they may have regarding their house.

I have a proven record of delivering results in a competitive environment using my unique marketing skills and strategic expertise. I utilize my enthusiasm, my knowledge of the area and my personal concern for the client's interests and put in 100% effort in order to help achieve my client's real estate goals, be it buying or selling.

These are some of the reasons why my clients consider me an outstanding real estate resource.

"I approach every RE transaction with the same sense of passion and ownership as if I were buying or selling my own house."

-Sreelatha Musukula


What made you decide to become a realtor?

I have always taken an interest in the Bay Area real estate market. I would make it a point to keep myself informed about real estate related developments in the different areas.

The story of how I became a real estate agent is very interesting. A few years ago, I was trying to sell my then home. In that connection, I had contacted several real estate agents. Impressed by the extent of my knowledge about the current real estate market, one of them -- an established and highly respected gentleman in the real estate field -- one day asked me if I had ever considered becoming a real estate agent. He told me that my personality and knowledge were ideally suited for a career in the real estate business and urged me to give it a shot. I was, initially, a little surprised but after consulting with my friends and family decided to go for it. This gentlemen further encouraged me by giving me the information I needed to start the process of obtaining a license as well as some initial guidance in the field.

So far, I have had better than average success in my real estate career. And with each successful transaction I feel reinforced in the belief that I have made the right decision. It gives me great pleasure to represent and succeed for my clients.

What aspect of your business gives you the most personal satisfaction?

Helping clients achieve their real estate dreams within their budget and expectations is very satisfying to me. Let me give you an example. This was a unique transaction that I did for a client.

My clients had been looking for a home on and off for a long time. Their first preference was for a well maintained home in a beautiful condition. Whenever such a home came on the market they would bid on it but would usually lose the house at some point in the bidding process.

One of their friends referred them to me since I have a reputation for getting results. When they came to me, I showed them a home that was in a good location and in a decent condition and met all their criteria except for presentation.

On my own initiative I used my personal network of contractors to obtain time and cost estimates on how the home could be made to look great with very little additional investment. I presented my ideas to the clients who were convinced and decided to place an offer on the home. When the clients got the home, I personally scheduled the extra work with my contractors and got the work completed within a short period of time after close of escrow.

In the end, the home looked unbelievably great and my clients were extremely happy. This family has been one of the best source of referrals for me. I take great pride in making it happen for them. Nothing makes me more happy than helping my clients achieve their real estate goals.

Tell us about your work philosophy?

I take extra pains to be in direct communication with my clients through out the entire transaction.

I offer rebates and cash back to my clients, on a case by case basis, after working with them individually to determine their expectations.

From my own personal experience, I have realized any real estate transaction can be made memorable and pleasurable if the quality and range of service is taken beyond the standard real estate transaction.

Therefore, I offer an optional range of additional services in addition to the standard real estate transaction to my clients. These include assistance with home repair and maintenace projects, financial services and relocation assistance. During the course of my real estate

"When representing my buyers interest in a property, I make sure I present my client's offer in the most attractive terms possible."

-Sreelatha Musukula

transactions, I have developed a network of contacts with home repair and home maintenance professionals, mortgage lenders and brokers, and relocation specialists whose work is reliable and economical. I have personally used the services of these individuals and therefore can vouch for their quality of work.

If my clients happen to need remodeling, installation, relocation or financial asistance along with their house purchase, I refer them to my personal contacts. The work gets finished on time, economically, and is of good quality. My clients are grateful for being spared the hassle of running around to get this kind of work done and greatly appreciate my referrals.

What is the secret of your success as a realtor?

Real Estate is a fast changing field in terms of rules and regulations. Irrespective of experience one needs to make a continuous effort to keep oneself completely aware of the changes and be on top of things. While working for Century21 I take the time and opportunity to update myself about the latest changes through seminars and training sessions.

While representing my clients during a RE transaction I dont leave anything to chance. I do all my homework and prepare myself thoroughly.

The critical point in a successful real estate transaction is the meeting between the buyer's and seller's realtors when all the offers are presented and considered. If I am representing a buyer, I take great pains over my client's offer and make sure it is presented attractively. I word the offer and put in some clauses in such a way that the seller will find my offer attractive and accept it over competing bids.

"I believe every house has a special buyer. Finding them requires strategic marketing."

--Sreelatha Musukula

Sreelatha Musukula, with her husband Satish and son Shrutik (3).
Really? What kind of wording and clauses do you use?

Well...These are my trade secrets. So I dont want to reveal exactly what they are. Laughs. Then thinks for a moment.

Okay, let me give you an example instead. After I became a realtor, my first clients were interested in buying a house in the Evergreen area. Accordingly, I did all my research, prepared their offer carefully and presented it to the sellers agent. My offer was accepted and my clients got the house.

A few days later, I came to know that my winning offer on that house was actually 3 or 4K cheaper than another offer presented by a different agent. But even though I had offered less money, the seller was pleased with the terms of my offer and had accepted it. This was because I had put in some clauses and terms in my offer which the seller really liked. By communicating with all the involved parties, I had presented my client's offer persuasively. This is what I meant by saying that the key to success is in the offer and the manner in which it is presented.

But please dont assume that I am a buyer's specialist. I have successfully represented several sellers and obtained a price within their desired range while selling their house.

What is the secret to your success in home sales? Have you come across any home that was impossible to sell?

No, I have not. I believe that every home, no matter what condition it is in, has a special buyer for whom that home is just perfect.

A special buyer is a buyer who has some compelling personal reason for deciding to purchase a home in a particular area, a reason which transcends the standard high resale value or location arguments. Maybe his family lives there. It can be anything, really. So even if some other factors are going against the house, I can still make the house sell by targeting the special buyers.

For me, making a home sell is a matter of finding the buyers. For this, I have to market the property strategically. I first do my research on the house and the area. Based on this research, I then decide, in advance, the marketing strategy I will adopt for selling the house. This approach has really paid off for me.

For example, I recently sold a house in Union City. It was not in a very good condition and had a couple of other points against it. The owners were not confident of getting a good price but wanted to sell anyway.

On my own initiative, I researched the demographics of the surrounding area and discovered that there was a certain ethnic majority local to that area. I priced the home realistically and focussed most of my marketing and advertising in getting the word out to the local ethnic community. I distributed flyers and advertised in the magazines and newspapers favored by that ethnic community.

Sure enough, in less than a week, we received multiple offers on the property. The house was sold for a price higher than the original expectations of the home owners.

The secret ot my success is that I approach every RE transaction with the same sense of passion and ownership as if I were buying or selling my own house.

Where did you hear of Evergreen Desis? How has this organization helped you?

Yes, Evergreen Desis has helped me a lot. I have been a resident of Evergreen since 1999. I joined the Evergreen Desi group when some friends recommended it to me. Evergreen Desi mailing list has been a great source of information. I have got great referrals for home improvement and child care from here. It provides me information about the future development of and activities within Evergreen.

About Sreelatha Musukula

Sreelatha's office is located conveniently close to Evergreen residents.

E-Mail:   sreelatha.musukula@gmail.com

Address: Century 21 Alpha
             5504 Monterey Road
             San Jose, CA 95138

Cell:      408-482-3307

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