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EvergreenDesi.com website is for homeowners and neighbours, of Indian origin or with ties to the Indian Subcontinent, residing in South Bay Area, CA. What has brought us together are our enduring ties and affection for the Indian subcontinent. This group originated as a community mailing list founded in August 2002 by Sundari Josyula and predates the Facebook and social media era. Since then this group has been going strong. As of date, its membership, through word of mouth alone, has grown to approximately 3900 plus members.

Membership to the Evergreen Desi mailing is free and open to all Bay Area residents of Indian origin.

From 2002-2019, Evergreen Desi members exchanged information on a variety of topics through an active moderated yahoogroups mailing list called evergreen_desi. When Yahoo closed down YahooGroups in October 2019, the group migrated to Googlegroups. To join the mailing list, click here. The mailing list averages close to 800 messages per month. In addition to exchanging messages, Evergreen Desis meet regularly for religious and cultural events organised by group member volunteers in local venues.

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If you have any questions about this website or would like to get more information about EvergreenDesi.com, we look forward to hearing from you. Please direct queries, comments, and feedback to:

Sundari Josyula

(408) 203-9994

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