About the Evergreen Desis.

The Organisation

The Evergreen Desis consists of Indian homeowners and neighbours residing in Evergreen, San Jose, CA. It is a community mailing list founded in August 2002 by Sundari Josyula. Since then this group has grown rapidly. As of October 2007, its membership, through word of mouth alone, has grown to approximately 1500 members.

Membership to the Evergreen Desis is free and open to all Evergreen residents of Indian origin.

Evergreen Desi members exchange information on a variety of topics through an active moderated yahoogroups mailing list called evergreen_desi. To join the mailing list, click here. The mailing list averages close to 400 messages per month. In addition to exchanging messages, Evergreen Desis meet regularly for picnics, potlucks and cultural events organised by group member volunteers in local halls and parks.


The Management

All decisions regarding the Evergreen Desis are taken in consensus by the Evergreen Desi Steering Committee. Currently, the Evergreen Desi steering committee members are Anu Choudhury, Yamini Mitter and Sundari Josyula.

Yamini Mitter
Yamini Mitter has been involved with the Evergreen Desis from its very beginning. She has been the initiating force behind many Evergreen Desi events. She has successfully helped organize several Evergreen Desi picnics, potlucks and cultural get-togethers.

Anu Choudhury
Anu Choudhury has been a long-time member of Evergreen Desis. She is a moderator for the Evergreen Desi mailing list and helps organize different Evergreen Desi community and cultural events.

Sundari Josyula, sjosyula@gmail.com
Sundari Josyula is the founder and list owner of the Evergreen Desi mailing list and maintains the Evergreen Desi website. In addition, she is involved with various Evergreen Desi initiatives relating to crime and community events.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this website or would like to get more information about the Evergreen Desis, we look forward to hearing from you. Please direct queries, comments, and feedback to:

Sundari Josyula, Founder & List owner

(408) 274-8972


Community Events in 2005


Evergreen Desi Ist Annual Diwali Party, Nov. 2005

Venue: Mt. Hamilton Grange, Aborn Rd., 95135.

Organizers: Sundari Josyula
                   Anu Choudhury
                   Suganda Iyer
                   Yamini Mitter

Evergreen Desi 3rd Annual Potluck Picnic Aug 2005

Venue: Evergreen Community Center Grounds,
San Felipe Rd., 95135.

Organizers: Yamini Mitter
                   Shalini Dhar.

Evergreen Desi Holi Celebration, March 2005

Venue: Capriana Circle Park, 95135.

Coordinated by Yamini Mitter

Evergreen Desi Crime Meeting, Feb 2005

Venue: Evergreen Elementary School,
            Fowler Rd., 95135.

Coordinators: Sundari Josyula
San Jose City Councilmember Dave Cortese's office.

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