Mission statement of the Evergreen Desis.

We are a private group of Indian homeowners residing in and around the Evergreen area of San Jose, CA

Our mission is to help the Indian homeowners residing in the Evergreen area connect and come together as a community. Our purpose is to serve as a community bulletin board for homeowners residing in the Evergreen area and help them:

  • disseminate and obtain information regarding area events, area schools and childrens' activities.
  • meet their neighbours and make friends.
  • exchange reliable recommendations regarding service organisations and professionals.
  • take appropriate action to support Evergreen area interests with the common goal of improving the quality of life in our community.
  • provide a place where they can find help regarding any issue (home, family, kids, entertainment) connected with living in the Evergreen area.

We provide community outreach services and have frequently served as an interface between various City organizations, the City Council and the community. Our founder, Sundari Josyula, is a member of the District 8 Community Round Table and presents Evergreen Desi concerns at that forum.

Membership to Evergreen Desis is free and open to all Indian homeowners residing in the Evergreen area.

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